Monday, 12 September 2011


love . we say it every single day to our lovers, moms, wives, and loved ones . but do we really know the real meaning of it ? and sure, each of us has our own love story . and this is a story of a girl named Mawar . Dear diary, this is the day that he came into my life . he asked me alot . my name, what was i doing, and some I cant even remember . i didn't reply a word . and then, he asked for my phone number . i was thinking, ''why not? so i gave him . and thats it . i didn't even say a word to him on that day . but i guess sometimes, silence can bond two people together more than words can . i was wrong after all . he never calls . not a single SMS . well i guess, love is not for a person like me . how i wish I'm like Rose in the Titanic . to be so loved by someone, that he will risk his life just to save mine . but the moment i was going to stop thinking about it, he called . i didn't really quite know what was my feeling that time . whether i was nervous, happy, or mad . but one thing i know, i did something very stupid . i lied to him . it wasn't me who was talking to him . i know what i did was wrong . but it seems, thats the only choice i had . Dear diary, todays the day . I'm going to meet him . once again . it's his birthday . i really hope he'll like my present . it's not much . but the more important thing is . I'm going to make it up to him . enough with all the lies and silence . im going to tell him the truth . why i never said a word to him before . that i am... ''here comes the mute girl . and she's a liar, too . ''liar! why she did that to me? just because i can't talk like everybody else? they say life is wonderfull . but not for me . it has been mean to me all these while . people around me, they don't see good things out of me . to them, I'm just a stupid girl who can't even talk . ''hye mute girl . i dont wanna see your face again . go away! ''you cant even talk . ''hye mute, never ever bother me again . understand ? No! I'm more than that just a stupid girl mute girl . enough with all these . i can't take it anymore . Shauqee, if you ever read, that means i'll be long gone . How i wish i could talk to you, sing to you, and to tell you how i really feel about you . but it seems, life will not always be the way you want it to be . all i can do is writing it on a piece of paper, for you to read . ''hey . are you ok ? what are you doing here all alone ? huh ? are you mute or something ? please, take care of my diary . if you thinking of me, read it . i'll always be right by you side, reading it, remembering our short memories together, with you . forever, and ever . 

dcoret afy ari selasa . 12:44 PM... ;')

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